This is simply from a life-time of learning, knowing and walking with Him.  I was recently given some time off to write this by His grace and mercy.  This is just an explanation from God’s viewpoint of all things concerning Jesus in the Scriptures (Luke 24:27), all pointing to Him. As such, I have tried hard to use the words of the scripture and not my own. This is an explanation of what happened, of what God did, of what He is doing, and of what He will do, rather than rules and regulations of religion governing us. The word of the Lord is revealed to us “precept upon precept, precept upon precept, line upon line, line upon line, here a little, there a little” (Isa. 28:13), so forgive me if it seems to be repetitive. However, please read this very, very slowly so God can reveal His thoughts to your minds. This is just a juxtapositioning of different verses throughout the 1600 years that God has spoken to us, showing us His central thoughts. That is how we unfold His divine revelation. I have deliberately minimized our human experiences, which we can relate to more so, to make the article more concise and kept the focus coming from God’s viewpoint as He reveals it to us in His Word. Therefore, I’ve tried to write this from God’s viewpoint rather than our own. So it is a bit ‘theological,’ but it helps us build a framework for understanding “Why?” Why did God do what He did? What happened? Is there a simple explanation from which everything flows? Something that happened that explains everything? What did God do, is doing, and will do? His viewpoint is revealed to us through the Bible so this is the source of all the thoughts in this writing. It has to be revealed to you by the Spirit otherwise the central thought of God will not be so meaningful. This was written to simplify our understanding and not to complicate or offend, respecting there are differences in opinions. If there is an element of “I” in this, I truly apologize. Hopefully this is written as just what it is. I was hoping to write this for my son and am thankful the Lord has given me some more time.  I hope He will enlighten and encourage you and your hearts will begin to burn within on this journey into His divine revelation. (Luke 24:32) Hope you will enjoy the Lord..

(The first part of this contains major questions, answered simply from His point of view. The divine revelation is unveiled more easily if you read the earlier articles first in sequence, especially for new beginners, by following the menus on the left side. The body of the article is in “Why?” but the revelations of where we are today is in the later articles. Please copy and paste the article into Word or any document reader to search for particular passages. The date refers to the latest updates. I have used the ESV and NASB versions of the Bible interchangeably.. In the later writings, I have used the Recovery Version of the Holy Bible which is a culmination of what the Lord has recovered through men in all the ages…precept upon precept, line upon line, here a little, there a little. It has been noted to be too literal which, again, reflects God’s viewpoint rather than ours. Other versions are noted.)